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    We make your household pest-free & stress-free with pest control service

    The pests are present in and around homes in all forms, shapes & also sizes. They require varied types of environmental conditions for survival. Our company provides the most efficient and reliable pest control services. Our crew members ensure that your place is free from all types of nasty pests and restored to its original & pristine condition in no time. So whenever you want your place actually to sparkle from top to bottom, then our professional pest control service is the best choice for you. Our professionals are fully trained, skilled, friendly, and polite and always endeavour to provide you with the best possible outcome. We treat and, at the same time, eliminate all common types of pests that are found within & around your place.

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    Make Your Home Pest-Free with Regal Pest Control Service

    We deliver latest and green pest control treatments


    Beetles Control

    Insect Pest Control


    termite pest control

    Termite Pest Control


    rodents pest control

    Rodent Pest Control


    Ant Control

    Ant Pest Control


    Cockroach Control

    Cockroach Pest Control


    bed-bugs Pest Control

    Bed Bug Pest Control


    Wasps Control

    Wasp Pest Control


    We are also highly concerned about the environment and thoroughly support clean & green policy by utilizing eco-friendly and impactful products. Our comprehensive pest control solution is being trusted by property owners, real estate agents, landlords, and also property managers all across Melbourne. Our team members are fully trained and updated about all the latest pest control mechanisms. You will also get the most comprehensive and detailed pest control inspection for identifying concerns & treating homes for eradicating pests permanently.

    Our team is here to help you get rid of all types of pesky pests in your household. Call us for a free of cost quote or book online.

    Why Hire Regal Pest Control Services?

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    Latest & Green Pest Control Treatments

    Our company specializes in delivering the latest and green pest control treatments for your household. Our team possesses extensive experience and training in almost all aspects of pest control, removal, and management. Our specialists make sure that your entire property & its surrounding is free from pests & vermin.
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    Customer’s Satisfaction

    Our comprehensive range of pest control solutions is meant for residential establishments. Our team helps to protect your place with extremely safe and highly efficient treatment solutions. Ultimately, the customer’s satisfaction has been and will be the topmost priority of our company.
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    Environmentally Friendly Products

    Our crew utilizes environmentally friendly products for protecting your establishment from rodents, cockroaches, fleas, bugs, and various other nasty pests. At Regal Services Group, we see all our customers as extended members of the family. Our team is seriously dedicated to protecting you and your entire family.
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    Responsive Customer Support

    Eliminating any type of pest you would probably think of or don’t even think about is what our team is best at. If you are a homeowner who is searching for the tailored, reliable, and professional pest control service, then never hesitate to contact us. Our long-lasting solution saves you precious time, money, and ensures the best pest control and mechanism.

    Truly Professional!

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    Our entire experience with Regal Services Group can be put up in a single word, “truly professional”. The technicians are skilled, friendly, and easy to deal with.

    by Barbara Smith on 10-Jun-2020

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    High Quality!

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    We have been extremely delighted with the services of Regal Services Group. The staff members are courteous and highly efficient. They are fully dedicated and committed to providing excellent service.

    by Sue Taylor on 1-Mar-2020

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    Wonderful Work!

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    When I got a handyman job done by one of the professionals working with this company, it was truly of the highest standards. The technician who visited my house was professional, courteous, and dedicated. He answered all my queries.

    by Jack Hughes on 3-Dec-2019

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    Get Your Household Pest- Free & Sparkling Clean.

    Our team is here to help you get rid of all types of pesky pests! Call us today