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    We are proud to provide top-quality handyman services to your household

    A local handyman is a professional who is a generalist and capable of handling little fixing tasks that spring up in your home from time to time. Our company is incredibly proud to provide your household with the top quality hand man service. Our roster of extremely competent and skilled professionals is being tried and tested while taking care of all your handyman job requirements. Whether you require the general handyman chores to be done like painting, welding, repairing, fencing, cleaning, regrouting kitchen or minor repairs our professional handymen can fix up all your issues efficiently & promptly.

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    We know very well that you have already got the never-ending list of all odd jobs that are required to be performed in and around your place. Due to the work & family commitments, it becomes so hard for you to take out time to tackle it. You may not have the right tools or skills to accomplish everything on the to-do list but now what you have is the service of our local and great handymen for getting the job done.

    Our goal is to deliver extraordinary customer service with a great outcome. Do you require something to be done within or around your place? You don’t have the right tools or appropriate time to repair the things? If yes, then give our handyman a chance to take care of all odd jobs around your place.

    Why Hire Regal Handyman Services?

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    Trusted Handyman

    We completely understand that you might not have sufficient time or right skills to do the odd jobs in and around your place, thus team assists you with a myriad of handyman solutions. So when you are searching for premium and most sophisticated handyman service provider in Melbourne, look no further than our organization.
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    Outstanding Service Quality

    Our company takes immense pride in providing extraordinary handyman work and fully ensures that the end outcome will be exactly according to your expectations. Each household chore will be finished to the highest quality standard. Our professionals help you with all repairs and odd jobs all throughout your place.
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    Same Day & Emergency Handyman Service

    Our specialized and fully trained handymen are always willing to perform all your odd jobs in & around your property. Our representatives offer the same day service and free of the cost price quote. When you hire us, you will be connected to local professionals who can take care of your work with utmost perfection. So now you can free up your precious time for other crucial tasks.
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    24*7 Customer Support

    Our friendly 24*7 customer support service is being backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We always keep the prices affordable and upfront. Our team is an expert in carrying out almost all types of general repairs and maintaining your establishment. Our professionals are fully well equipped to take care of all your minor and major repair needs that pertain to all household problems.

    Truly Professional!

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    Our entire experience with Regal Services Group can be put up in a single word, “truly professional”. The technicians are skilled, friendly, and easy to deal with.

    by Barbara Smith on 10-Jun-2020

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    High Quality!

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    We have been extremely delighted with the services of Regal Services Group. The staff members are courteous and highly efficient. They are fully dedicated and committed to providing excellent service.

    by Sue Taylor on 1-Mar-2020

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    Wonderful Work!

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    When I got a handyman job done by one of the professionals working with this company, it was truly of the highest standards. The technician who visited my house was professional, courteous, and dedicated. He answered all my queries.

    by Jack Hughes on 3-Dec-2019

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