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    Regal Cleaning Services

    Choose our specialized cleaning solution whenever you require

    Every household inevitably needs deep clean at least once in a while for maintenance of the appropriate condition. When your house is not maintained properly, there can be built up of dust, grime and also dirt and if cleaning and maintaining your place is something that you have been putting off due to shortage of time, then you can hire our reputable and trustworthy cleaning company. It might be hard to believe, but our cleaners enjoy what they do. Our team of professionals is trained, skilled, and always ready to do the cleaning chores.

    Instead of spending your weekend time just slaving away, you can leave all your cleaning chores to our experts. The customers can either book weekly, fortnightly, or ongoing cleaning service. They never have to worry about the household chores again. With 10+ years of extensive experience assisting with domestic cleaning, our team knows exactly what you want. You can choose the specialized cleaning solution whenever you require or can also hire us for regular housekeeping. Regal Services Group is here to give you back most precious time that you always required for maintaining a lifestyle.

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    Hire Our Reputable & Trustworthy Cleaning Services

    You can choose the specialized cleaning solution whenever you require or can also hire us for regular housekeeping.


    End of lease cleaning

    End of Tenancy Cleaning


    window cleaning

    Window Cleaning


    gutter cleaning

    Gutter Cleaning


    Pressure cleaning

    Pressure Cleaning


    Why Hire Regal Cleaning Services?

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    Reputable & Trustworthy Cleaning Company

    While searching for a cleaning professional, it can be quite tough to know whom to trust. It is crucial to always work with the professional who is insured, got background checked most appropriately, and quite easy to communicate.
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    Certified, Vetted & Skilled Cleaners

    Our company has a high-end reputation of being one of the most prestigious cleaner service providers in Melbourne wide. Our professionals are certified, vetted, and skilled. They possess the know-how and have the zeal to carry out deep clean of the properties of all sizes and types.
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    On Time service

    You can expect the cleaning chore to be finished within a reasonable time frame and, most importantly, to the utmost perfection. This makes us your go-to organization for providing the most efficient, professional, thorough, and satisfactorily cleaning solutions.
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    Simple, Reliable & Most Convenient

    Our expert cleaners put immense efforts into making your house looking like a new one. Are you ready to book our cleaning service? It is so simple, reliable, and most convenient. Are you looking for an emergency or same-day cleanup, fast? Contact us now!

    Truly Professional!

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    Our entire experience with Regal Services Group can be put up in a single word, “truly professional”. The technicians are skilled, friendly, and easy to deal with.

    by Barbara Smith on 10-Jun-2020

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    High Quality!

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    We have been extremely delighted with the services of Regal Services Group. The staff members are courteous and highly efficient. They are fully dedicated and committed to providing excellent service.

    by Sue Taylor on 1-Mar-2020

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    Wonderful Work!

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    When I got a handyman job done by one of the professionals working with this company, it was truly of the highest standards. The technician who visited my house was professional, courteous, and dedicated. He answered all my queries.

    by Jack Hughes on 3-Dec-2019

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