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    Regal End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

    Today’s bustling life can always shield you from properly cleaning your place. You require a professional cleaner who remains on your side and gives you back the luxury of time as well as the freedom to do what you enjoy the most. This is where our professional end of lease cleaning service comes in. We provide professional bond back cleaning solutions in Melbourne. Our cleaning service is being tailored to suit your exact needs. Our expert cleaners take over & perform cleaning chores around the establishment.

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    Specified End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Checklist Including Allthing We Clean On Your Home
    • Full cleaning of oven & stove top
    • Cleaning tiles area behind the stove
    • Cleaning bench tops
    • Remove grease from the range hood exterior
    • Cleaning cupboard interiors thoroughly
    • Wiping down cupboard fronts and drawers
    • Cleaning sinks, including spouts and handles
    • Mopping and vacuuming floors
    • Cleaning the bathtub
    • Cleaning the basins
    • Cleaning showers, including any shower screens
    • Sanitizing the toilet inside and out
    • Washing walls around the toilet if needed
    • Wiping cupboard fronts and drawers
    • Cleaning mirrors for a streak free finish
    • Mopping floors
    • Vacuuming floors
    • Cleaning wardrobe mirrors
    • Dusting door jambs
    • Dusting cornices
    • Wiping out door tracks in wardrobes
    • Spot cleaning any light marks from walls
    • Wiping skirting boards down
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Spot cleaning walls
    • Steam cleaning the carpets
    • Deep cleaning curtains & blinds
    • Washing windows, including interior and exterior surfaces
    • Removing external cobwebs
    • Clean the fridge inside and out
    • Ceiling fans cleaning
    • Study rooms cleaning
    • Vacuuming or dusting home furniture
    • Balcony/deck cleaning
    • Garage/basements cleaning
    • Pool fencing cleaning
    • Laundry rooms cleaning

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne?
    Cost for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne will change and depend upon the size and the condition of the property. Usually, we charge $180 to $440 which covers everything inside the premises cleaned completely.

    How long it would take to complete a vacate cleaning??
    Cleaning time will depend upon the area of your home/property and the condition of the premises.

    How to book an End Of Lease Cleaning Service?
    Booking an end of lease Cleaning is simple. You can ask an estimate via our website booking form or call through 03) 9021 3721. We will be back with a quote ASAP.

    When is the most suitable period to hire a bond back cleaning service?
    It is good to book your cleaning service one week before your contract ends. Although if you need an urgent cleaning service which can be arranged as well.

    Are your bond back cleaners background checked?
    Yes. All our cleaners are background checked and experienced. You are in safe hands.

    Who can i speak to before i continue?
    If you are relocating, call us at 03) 9021 3721 to address your Melbourne bond back cleaning and no-cost price quote. Alternatively, email us 24X7 at team@regalservicesgroup.com.au to chat about end of lease cleaning for your premises.

    Truly Professional!

    house cleaning melbourne

    Our entire experience with Regal Services Group can be put up in a single word, “truly professional”. The technicians are skilled, friendly, and easy to deal with.

    by Barbara Smith on 10-Jun-2020

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    High Quality!

    house cleaning melbourne

    We have been extremely delighted with the services of Regal Services Group. The staff members are courteous and highly efficient. They are fully dedicated and committed to providing excellent service.

    by Sue Taylor on 1-Mar-2020

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    Wonderful Work!

    house cleaning melbourne

    When I got a handyman job done by one of the professionals working with this company, it was truly of the highest standards. The technician who visited my house was professional, courteous, and dedicated. He answered all my queries.

    by Jack Hughes on 3-Dec-2019

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    end of lease cleaning melbourne
    Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services

    Hire The Best Vacate Cleaners in Melbourne

    Regal Services Group is all about extending truly fantastic experiences to customers. We are a Melbourne based company that offers the most extensive range of cleaning and other household solutions for residences. Our comprehensive solutions aid highly valuable customers to achieve & sustain a completely germ-free & also tidy environment. Our firm proactively takes all recommended precautionary measures for keeping staff, customers, and their family members completely safe. All our staff members are thoroughly trained, licensed, and verified. Our experts are fully dedicated to providing you with top-notch solutions. We can handle almost all types of household chores, no matter how big or even small they are.

    End of lease cleaning Melbourne Process

    Do you have a fuzzy landlord or agent? Do you need to get your cent per cent bond back? Are you residing in the premium or ultra-modern establishment that demands the highest standards of cleanliness? For many tenants, vacate cleaning seems to be a nightmare due to the high level of stress involved. Homeowners can be extremely strict whenever it comes to the bond back cleaning. They expect their establishment to be in an entirely immaculate state towards the end of the tenancy contract.

    Vacate cleaning can be extremely stressful at times. Between packing all stuff, trying to find a new residence and organizing logistics, and dodging out inspections, things seem to be challenging enough for the tenant. This is the reason our end of lease cleaning Melbourne Company is here to take your weight off. Our company provides the home cleaning service that is all-inclusive of the living spaces. The experts meticulously perform jobs and restore order to the rental. This is being done to such the highest standard that not even an eagle eye landlord or even agent could find out fault.

    Given below are the steps involved in our vacate cleaning Melbourne process

    • Initial inspection: Our team of bond back cleaners first visit your place in accordance with your own preferred time. In case of any delay, the customer will always receive the prior information. The cleaning professionals, first of all, unload all equipment and tools along with other essential products like detergents. They will first carry out the initial assessment of the property. The professionals inspect the establishment; mark each & every area in the initial assessment report. For performing additional tasks, our team will discuss with the customer.
    • Kitchen: The bond back cleaning procedure will be commenced from the kitchen. This includes a thorough cleaning of cupboards, drawers, microwaves, dishwashers, sinks, and much more. Cupboards will be wiped out both from inside & also outside. Sinks are completely sanitized. Oven & other electrical equipment are deep cleaned for achieving a perfect finish. The kitchen floor is vacuumed & mobbed at the same time.
    • Bathroom: Next deep cleaning of the bathroom will be carried out. It includes deep clean of the shower, fittings, sink, tub, and also disinfection of toilets.
    • Bedroom: After that our professionals will perform the cleaning of bedrooms. It involves thorough cleansing & sanitization of floors, furniture, and various other decorative items. There are mobbing and vacuuming of floors. All carpets, upholstery and rugs are also vacuumed. There will be dusting of skirting and polishing of mirrors.
    • Living room: While cleaning living rooms, all cow webs are being removed. The carpets & floors are thoroughly vacuumed. Also, the dusting of all furniture, electrical appliances, and decorative items is done.
    • Windows & frames: The windows, as well as frames, are also cleaned both from inside and also outside.
    • Additional tasks: Last, all the additional tasks will be performed as per the discussion with the client during an inspection.
    We Provide Bond Back Cleaning Service That You Can Trust
    end of lease cleaning melbourne
    Moving to a new house is quite strenuous, especially when you are already burdened with bond back cleaning. According to the tenancy contract, vacate cleaning must be as per the professional standards for getting a 100% bond back. So for all rented properties, bond refund relies upon the satisfactorily exit clean of an establishment. The bond return depends upon the satisfaction level of landlord & real estate agent. At times, tenants tend to lose out security deposits due to their inability to satisfy homeowners & real estate agents with vacate cleaning. In such a situation, hiring a professional bond back cleaning company becomes genuinely eminent.

    Get the full bond back with our best move out cleaning solutions

    Vacate cleaning is entirely different from the generalized weekly or fortnightly cleans that you may have been doing on your own. So when it comes to the bond back cleaning, the viewpoint of landlord and real estate agent matters most.

    Our end of lease cleaning Melbourne company is here to assist you in getting a bond back.

    Our company employs trained, skilled and insured cleaners
    Our experts utilize the best vacate cleaning tricks & tactics for completely sprucing up living spaces and make it look brand new. Our team of dedicated and highly committed bond back cleaner Melbourne works in a completely systematic manner utilizing top to bottom approach for delivering an outstanding outcome. Whether it is an apartment or just a single bedroom unit, our company offers you customized packages at most competitive rates. Our end of lease cleaning service fully matches to all unique needs of customers perfectly.

    Hire our vacate, move out cleaners for getting your bond back
    The goal of our organization is to bring back the establishment to its original state. This is done by covering every inch of all dirty spaces. Our professionals stand by the efficiency of the most sophisticated and advanced tools, equipment to achieve the best outcome for every cleaning job performed. Our dedication & commitment towards cleaning tasks make us one of the most preferred choices among tenants who are moving out of the rented establishment.

    Same day bond back cleaning service
    Are you moving out this weekend? Stressed about the condition of rental property? Well, you don’t need to be stressed as our best vacate cleaning Melbourne company has your back. Our organization provides you same day bond back cleaning service that will keep the landlord and agent satisfied, delighted, and help you get a 100% bond refund. We give you a chance to vacate the establishment in full confidence now. Our home cleaners have already performed this job thousands of times and fully satisfied customers.

    Vacate rented property in a hassle-free manner and with full confidence
    With our flexible and same-day bond back cleaning solutions, you can get as much more done as you require ranging from single room, entry, exit to the entire home. Our experts ensure that each and everything is being taken care of in a thorough and highly professional manner. So if you want your full bond back, hiring our professional is the best opportunity. Instead of just worrying & stressing about the property you are leaving, let our expert cleaners take care of it so that you can free your time to focus on other crucial tasks. If you have already left cleaning chores to the last minute, don’t panic at all.

    Call us for hassle-free vacate clean today
    Our end of lease cleaning Melbourne company is operating seven days a week. This includes weekends & public holidays as well. So you no longer need to underestimate the time and efforts that are taken to truly clean out each & every inch of your rental property. All you have to do is call or message our representatives, drop a line, pocket bond, and get on with the move. Our experts will be delighted to assist you. Call us today and book a bond back cleaning service with our company. Rest assured, knowing that every corner of your place is cleaned meticulously and to the utmost perfection.

    Affordable End Of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne

    bond back end of lease cleaning melbourne
    Germ-Free & A Tidy Environment

    Every chore is performed in a highly professional way by utilizing top quality products and advanced equipment. Through high-end innovation & technology, our experts can extend the premium quality and, at the same time, on-demand response to all personalized needs of consumers. Our expert is thoroughly trained in utilizing cutting edge technology and most superior cleaning methodologies for ensuring your establishment is left sparkling bright. We serve as the premium company specializing in addressing all your cleaning and sanitization requirements. So whether you are looking for the most regular cleaning job, spring clean or you want the carpet cleaned, our professionals are always here to take away all your hassle.

    Take Care Of All Your Household Work

    Our organization provides the highest standards of cleaning service in Melbourne. Our experts possess vast experience in cleaning all types of establishments and employ the latest, advanced equipment & technology with the smallest attention to every small detail. It is the 100% satisfaction of customer that is an ultimate quality benchmark of our organization. This means if the customer in any way is dissatisfied with our cleaning service, our team will do it again- free of cost! Our company offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and also one-time cleaning solutions with highly flexible schedules according to your convenience. Our experts go above & also beyond for making your place truly immaculate. Call us today

    end of lease cleaning melbourne
    House end of lease cleaning melbourne
    Get Your Full Bond Back

    Our organization is the most reliable and transparent agency that delivers the most exclusive bond back cleaning services to esteemed clients. Our dedicated professionals pay seamless attention to every hook & corner of your place. We employ local vacate cleaners who have a keen & consistent eye for every small detail. There is nothing more than what our cleaners like better than being stuck in a dirty establishment and making it sparkling and attractive again. We hire only the one who possesses extensive experience, professionalism, can-do attitude, and zeal for the work. Our company always wants you to be completely satisfied and delighted with our services, every time you hire us.

    Helping Hand For Efficient Vacate Clean

    Moving out of establishment can be an extremely daunting process. It is more challenging when you are required to clean the entire property for getting your bond back. Give our bond back cleaning company Melbourne a chance to become your helping hand for achieving an efficient vacate clean. Our organization possesses extensive years of experience in assisting the tenants to clean the whole property from inside to even outside before actually vacating it. Since our experts clean out the rental establishment in accordance with the precise specifications of the lease agreement, thus we fully ensure that tenants don’t have to face any problem during real estate inspection. Our experienced & skilled professionals make sure efficient cleaning is being performed either a day before or on the same day tenants leave the property. This is why many of our customers keep on coming back to us again & again and fully rely on our specialized and functional services.

    end of lease cleaning
    house cleaning melbourne
    We Utilize 100% Eco-Friendly Products

    Our company is the most trusted and reliable end of lease cleaning service provider in Melbourne. We extend the green cleaning solutions by using only biodegradable products that are devoid of harmful chemicals and fumes. Our house cleaner Melbourne delivers quality outcomes within a stipulated time frame and that by utilizing 100% eco-friendly products. The professionals are skilled in extending the most comprehensive assortment of cleaning solutions that are neither abrasive nor damaging. By hiring our house cleaner Melbourne, you can have peace of mind that property will be extensively cleaned without any disturbance to the environment. Contact us today for a free no-obligation cost quote.

    Why Hire Regal Cleaning Services?

    house cleaning melbourne

    Reputable & Trustworthy Cleaning Company

    While searching for a cleaning professional, it can be quite tough to know whom to trust. It is crucial to always work with the professional who is insured, got background checked most appropriately, and quite easy to communicate.
    house cleaning melbourne

    Certified, Vetted & Skilled Cleaners

    Our company has a high-end reputation of being one of the most prestigious cleaner service providers in Melbourne wide. Our professionals are certified, vetted, and skilled. They possess the know-how and have the zeal to carry out deep clean of the properties of all sizes and types.
    end of lease cleaning Melbourne

    On Time service

    You can expect the cleaning chore to be finished within a reasonable time frame and, most importantly, to the utmost perfection. This makes us your go-to organization for providing the most efficient, professional, thorough, and satisfactorily cleaning solutions.
    end of lease cleaning Melbourne

    Simple, Reliable & Most Convenient

    Our expert cleaners put immense efforts into making your house looking like a new one. Are you ready to book our cleaning service? It is so simple, reliable, and most convenient. Are you looking for an emergency or same-day cleanup, fast? Contact us now!

    Top Reasons To Choose Regal Services Group

    bond back cleaning melbourne
    Our company’s main motive is to help you get 100% of your bond back through our specialized cleaning solution. We have already developed a comprehensive checklist for bond back agreement to fully cover essential areas & also parts that are being mentioned. Our team knows exceptionally well how to impress upon the landlord along with property investigators.

    Simple vacate cleaning is never sufficient to get your bond back. This is why we have been using advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities to make the home appear and shine just like a new one. Our organization strives to make the entire home shine by reviving every corner. Since our cleaners have enormous experience in the field, so you can always imagine the perfection that they extend to every project.

    We have already received continued and ongoing support of the customers. They hire us every time they need to move out of the rented establishment. Our organization is being highly overwhelmed by the trust & support that they have bestowed upon. We guarantee customers with extraordinary results and a 100% complete bond back.

    Advantages of hiring our bond back cleaners Melbourne
    Many tenants start worrying about their security deposits when a tenancy agreement is about to come towards an end. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure the overall cleanliness of the home. While vacating the rental home, you can stay fully rest assured that cleaning is being done at the premises strictly in accordance to lease contract so that you don’t face any issue while getting the bond back.

    • 100% guaranteed satisfaction on every cleaning job performed
    • Environmental friendly cleaning products fully safe for you and your family
    • Over a decade of experience in end of lease cleaning Melbourne
    • Vetted, insured cleaning professionals
    • High end & luxurious household cleaning
    • Extremely skilled & knowledgeable professionals
    • Trustworthy and most reliable bond back cleaning service means our team shows up whenever you require
    • Competitive rates for both regular & also one-off cleaning solutions

    When you hire vacate cleaner Melbourne, stay rest assured that a detailed & deep clean will be carried out, each & every nook of the property become spotless. Our professionals have already executed thousands of vacate cleans in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Our cleaners are trained, fully insured & background checked.

    Our experts are highly motivated to carry out thorough & flawless clean to please even the most demanding of landlords & real estate agents. All our professionals are insured and vetted. If for any reason, your landlord or property agent is not at all satisfied with the service, our experts will go back and fix the issue on the same day, at no extra charges for you.

    Although our organization is incredibly proud to extend the peace of mind assurances, we are also fully confident that you will like our service, the first time itself. Here at Regal Group, we employ perfectionists. The goal is to finish the job right away with utmost perfection as we never settle for anything less than best. Take out your stress of moving out with our end of lease cleaning service.

    Contact us and avail our customized packages to suit you and your rental property.

    Every cleaning job is performed to highest standards
    Our house cleaning Melbourne service is customized exactly according to your personalized needs and fully suits you & establishment. We provide the turn-key packages that have been exclusively tailored made to meet the standards of the real estate industry. We also extend the anti-germ sanitization solution for protecting you and your family from viruses & bacteria.

    So, while vacating the rental home, stay rest assured that the cleaning job performed at the premises is of highest standards, and you will face no problem at all in getting your full bond back.

    vacate cleaning melbourne
    Call us now & receive an instant, no-obligation price quote
    Do you want your rented home thoroughly cleaned & perfectly organized? If yes, then you can entirely rely on our end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne. The customers can always count on the reliability, professionalism, and also expertise of our team. Our organization is the leading, locally-owned bond back cleaning company that offers world-class and premium solutions.

    Our vacate cleaning packages are competitively priced
    Despite what your move out cleaning needs are, we are capable of addressing everything to the highest standards. Furthermore, we are also highly keen to provide you with specialized and competitively priced services where achieving customer satisfaction are the most crucial factor. Our organization truly believes in extending the most sophisticated and customer-oriented service. Just try to vacate cleaning solutions once by hiring us, and we guarantee that you will return to us again for fulfilling all your precise needs.

    Resolve all queries & doubts with the help of our customer support team
    Our house cleaners Melbourne are thoroughly trained and highly skilled to make bond back cleaning efficient & flawless. Our experts are available seven days a week for handling the vacate cleaning of your rented property in Melbourne.

    Our experts are available seven days a week for handling vacate cleaning jobs
    We serve as the most reliable and joyful end of lease cleaning service provider. Our professionals clean to impress everyone. Connect to our customer support team for discussing customized bond back cleaning needs. For further information about our end of lease cleaning services, get in touch today.

    Here are the cities we cover for end of lease cleaning:

    • Abbotsford
    • Armstrong Creek
    • Torquay
    • Aberfeldie
    • Aintree
    • Airport West
    • Albanvale
    • Albert Park
    • Albion
    • Alfredton
    • Alphington
    • Altona
    • Altona Meadows
    • Altona North
    • Ardeer
    • Armadale
    • Arthurs Seat
    • Ascot-Vale
    • Ashburton
    • Ashwood
    • Aspendale
    • Aspendale Gardens
    • Attwood
    • Auburn
    • Aurora
    • Avondale Heights
    • Bacchus-Marsh
    • Balaclava
    • Ballan
    • Balwyn
    • Balwyn North
    • Barwon Heads
    • Bayswater
    • Bayswater North
    • Beaconsfield
    • Beaumaris
    • Belgrave
    • Belgrave Heights
    • Belgrave South
    • Bell Post Hill
    • Bellfield
    • Bell-Park
    • Belmont
    • Bentleigh
    • Bentleigh East
    • Berwick
    • Bittern
    • Black Hill
    • Black Rock
    • Blackburn
    • Blackburn North
    • Blackburn South
    • Blairgowrie
    • Bonbeach
    • Bonnie Brook
    • Boronia
    • Botanic Ridge
    • Box Hill
    • Box Hill North
    • Box Hill South
    • Braeside
    • Braybrook
    • Briar Hill
    • Brighton
    • Brighton East
    • Broadmeadows
    • Brookfield
    • Brooklyn
    • Brunswick
    • Brunswick East
    • Brunswick West
    • Bulleen
    • Bundoora
    • Burnley
    • Burnside
    • Burnside Heights
    • Burwood
    • Burwood East
    • Cairnlea
    • Calder Park
    • Camberwell
    • Campbellfield
    • Canadian
    • Canterbury
    • Capel Sound
    • Carlton
    • Carlton North
    • Carnegie
    • Caroline-Springs
    • Carrum
    • Carrum Downs
    • Carrum-Downs
    • Castlemaine
    • Caulfield
    • Caulfield East
    • Caulfield South
    • Caulfield-North
    • Chadstone
    • Chelsea
    • Chelsea Heights
    • Cheltenham
    • Chirnside Park
    • Clarinda
    • Clayton
    • Clayton South
    • Clifton Hill
    • Clyde
    • Clyde North
    • Cobblebank
    • Coburg
    • Coburg North
    • Collingwood
    • Coolaroo
    • Craigieburn
    • Cranbourne
    • Cranbourne East
    • Cranbourne North
    • Cranbourne West
    • Creek
    • Cremorne
    • Creswick
    • Crib Point
    • Croydon
    • Croydon Hills
    • Croydon North
    • Croydon South
    • Dallas
    • Dandenong
    • Dandenong North
    • Dandenong South
    • Darley
    • Daylesford
    • Deanside
    • Deepdene
    • Deer-Park
    • Delacombe
    • Delahey
    • Derrimut
    • Diamond Creek
    • Diggers Rest
    • Dingley Village
    • Docklands
    • Doncaster
    • Doncaster East
    • Donvale
    • Doreen
    • Doveton
    • Dromana
    • Eaglemont
    • East Melbourne
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    • Elsternwick
    • Eltham
    • Eltham North
    • Elwood
    • Emerald
    • Endeavour-Hills
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    • Essendon
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    • Mulgrave
    • Murrumbeena
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    • Narre-Warren
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    • Spotswood
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    • Springvale South
    • St Andrews Beach
    • St Helena
    • St Kilda East
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    • St.-Albans
    • St-Kilda
    • St-Kilda-East
    • Strathmore
    • Strathmore Heights
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    • Sunbury
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    • Surrey-Hills
    • Sydenham
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